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She is a consultant, author, speaker and teacher.  Dorothy is the author of Measuring Business Intelligence Success & other books & articles .

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Bill Inman

      Textual ETL™                        

 The Data Analysis Technology

 of the Future

 Redstone360 is proud to be a partner with Forest Rim Technology Inc. in the customer based, individual support and delivery of the Bill Inman’s innovotive TextualETL™.   Analysis and translation of your unstructured textual data into great business intelligence –  eg.  Find out first hand from call-in interviews what your customers think, how your products are viewed in the marketplace ...............

              and  NOW ….

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Specializing in Assessing and Improving the value of

 Business Intelligence Assets &

Information Quality

Contact Bill and our Team for a customized review and analysis of your unstructured data assets – call ins, web, ……


Our mission is to provide you & your organization with what you need to know about  business intelligence, TextualETL™ and predictive analytics. … and make it work for you.


Introducing our Guest Star….

 long recognized as the

Father of the

 Data Warehouse

Bill Inmon

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